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MEST Capacity Building and Development at the central and municipal levels



The purpose of this component is to ‘strengthen and build capacity within MEST to manage the education sector, with the coordinated support of donor partners, and to effectively forecast the financing of the education sector as well as to monitor the progress of implementation of the education sector strategies’. The emphasis given in the project through its sub-title Support to the implementation of the education sector-wide approach in Kosovo signals the requirement for a strong focus on this aim throughout the project, but especially in Component 1.

 A feasibility study commissioned by Sida to explore and develop SWAp education sector possibilities resulted in an excellent output: the Kosovo Roadmap for Improved Education Sector Performance and Aid Effectiveness (July 2008). In turn this led to the formulation and eventual implementation (commencing in July 2009) of a the Sida Capacity Building and Education Reform Programme 2009-2010 (CBERP), which specified a number of key objectives and outputs necessary for the establishment of a SWAp.

 As stated in the ToR for the EU project,The first component of this project is a contribution to the implementation of the following five roadmaps: Improved strategic planning and base-line data (Roadmap 1); Building a comprehensive capacity development plan and improved technical assistance utilisation (Roadmap 2); Improved sector budget and financing of prioritised needs (Roadmap 3); Improved donor coordination and policy dialogue (Roadmap 5); Improving sector performance through results based management system (Roadmap 6).’ The Project will draw heavily on this Roadmap for guidance on the content, sequencing and timing of staged development of the SWAp.  The project will pursue an holistic approach in accordance with the life long learning perspective to education and recognising the broad range of education levels (eg from preschool to VET to higher education).

 There are parallels between the EU project and CBERP  in Component 1, which have been fully taken account of in revision of the activities in the former, in order to avoid duplication and overlap and to optimise the impact which can result from complementary work between the two projects. Both projects aim to support capacity building and education reform


Last Update: September 10, 2010


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