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Project achievements

·         Kosovo Core Curriculum documents and supporting materials have been written and will be distributed to education establishments across the country. These materials will support teachers of children and young people from pre-school to upper secondary.

·         The Kosovo Education Strategic Plan (KESP) 2011-2016 is fully operational, and the structures for the management and supervision of KESP are established.

·         MEST has been supported both at Central and Municipality levels to develop costed and time-bound action plans.

·         The Teacher Licensing System was updated - including the Teacher Competency Profile and credit transfer arrangements (with the World Bank).

·         A manual on the accreditation of INSET providers was produced (with the World Bank).

·         The country’s first Teacher Training Catalogues were produced and distributed widely.

·         The University of Pristina’s Faculty of Education was supported through and exciting time in its development.


Last Update: April 11, 2013




The EU Education SWAp project is now closed. You will find information about the project on these pages, including the curriculum documents (pre-piloting).



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